Renshi Steve Flores is a member of United States Karate Alliance and owner of the Karate Academy in Santa Fe, NM. He was born in Las Vegas, NM where he graduated from West High school and attended Highlands University. He has always been involved in athletics all his life such as wrestling, baseball, football, and tennis. One day in 1983 Steve Flores observed a martial arts demonstration. He was so impressed that he decided to sign up the very next day. Not aware that he had just made his career choice. Early in Steve’s training he began attending tournament competition. Soon tournaments became routine, this lead to over 200 state and local awards and over a 100 regional and national awards by 1986. As a brown belt he placed 1st in both fighting and forms in the brown belt men’s division at the 1986 World Championships held in Chicago, IL. The United States Karate Association under Grand Master Robert A. Trias sanctioned this event. He was awarded 1st in both fighting and forms and runner up in weapons in the national point standings that year.  If that wasn’t special enough, another major event took place at the 1986 World Championships. Steve was given the honor of being awarded his 1st degree black belt by Grand Master Robert A. Trias.

This was under the instruction of the dojo he was attending in Santa Fe, NM. Another highlight in Mr. Flores’ career was the opportunity to be part of a Martial Arts motion picture, Kick Boxer IV. He was cast in a role as a fighter with a main character and he was able to assist in the choreography of the stunt work of this film. Mr. Flores continued to compete consistently at the national and world level while assisting in class instruction, which led to his assigned satellite school location. Shortly after Mr. Flores opened up the Karate Academy and became chief instructor. He operated three locations within a 65-mile radius. During the development of his business Mr. Flores’ ability to compete declined. He competed occasionally at local tournaments and USKA Nationals. After 17 years of commuting, he decided to reduce his teaching to one main location in Santa Fe. Steve continues to share his knowledge of the martial arts with his students and work with members who show the interest in sport competition. “Although competition is a great place to express your martial arts, the real work is done in the dojo”. Mr. Flores is now an active competitor under the USKA. He is currently a six time World Champion and has won in Kata, Kumite and Weapons. Mr. Flores is also a 2004 Inductee into the United States Karate Alliance Hall Of Fame. He considers this one of his greatest achievements in the martial arts. “Knowing that I am involved and was inducted by a prestigious group of peers into what Grand Master Robert A. Trias started back in 1948 as the Society makes me very proud”.  Mr. Flores continues to study under the instruction of Sensei Dick Rienstra 7th Dan. Steve is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt and instructor in the art of Shotokan founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi. He is also the New Mexico State Representative for the USKA. Chief instructor for the Karate Academy program for Santa Fe.  

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